Not Getting the Message

Newport-Mesa Unified School District: Not Getting the Message

It takes 13 years to get through our primary education K-12 but according to some on the Board of Education, 16 years is not enough to learn how to be on the Board of Education.   In today’s world, there is nothing we can’t learn in seconds from anywhere on the planet, but tell that to the current Board of Education at Newport Mesa.   With a combined 97 years of service, the subject of Term Limits is finally being discussed and they don’t seem happy about it.

The board is comprised up of 7 members and each serves a 4 year term.  They represent seven zones and are chosen “at large”.  At a board meeting held on June 13, 2017, the “Term Limit” speakers were reduced to only two minutes by the board.

On June 22nd, seven of those speakers met and were given the chance to say what they were prevented from saying at the board meeting.   Watch this video to find out what that was.

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