Coast Community College Board of Trustees Meeting (Unedited) – YouTube

On April 5, 2017 the Coast Community College District Board of Trustees held their regular meeting. A large group of people spoke at the opening during public comment to protest giving Orange Coast College professor Olga Cox the Faculty of the Year award. We recorded the first 22 speakers and 18 of them were against giving the award and 4 showed their support. At the two hour mark, the Board decided it was time to stop public comments and conduct regular business. They offered to resume public comment later and approximately 12 people raised their hands saying they still wanted to speak.We present in this video an unedited account of what happened before the break. Those wanting to hear the entire meeting can request a complementary audio copy from the District.Coast Colleges Website:…The Board of Trustees meets regularly on the first and third Wednesday of each month in the Board Room at the Coast Community College District located at: 1370 Adams Avenue, Costa Mesa,. Closed Session begins at 3:45 p.m. Open Session begins at 5:00 p.m.

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