Dana Rohrabacher Uncensored

Question: What is just 64 square miles surrounded by reality, produces zero wealth and consumes money that it extracts from the rest of the nation? Answer: Washington D.C. Watch this video featuring “the poorest member in congress” who gives us a summary of what is really going in the federal government and insights into a number of issues the mainstream media is not telling us.

On February 26, 2017, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, CA 48th District, spoke at the Eagle Forum of Orange County. Dana’s topics include:
1. President Donald Trump
2. The next Supreme Court judge
3. The extreme view of the Left
4. Vetting of immigrants
5. The use of polygraph tests to weed out spies in our government
6. DNA to identify terrorists
7. What would have happened if Hillary became president
8. 10th Amendment of the Constitution and State’s Rights
9. Giving education back to the states
10. Saving the Christians targeted for genocide in the Middle East with his legislation HR 565
11. American inventor’s patents are in jeopardy by big business and foreign companies
12. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and why it is being repealed
13. Egypt is the key to keeping the Middle East safe from radical Islamic Terrorism
14. The dirty secret behind U.S. arms sales to the Middle East and what President Obama did to undermine Middle East peace.

The Eagle Forum is a group dedicated to preserving the political, economic and social principles upon which our nation was founded. They meet once a month in Orange County and speakers speak on current political issues.

Eagle Forum Websites:

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