Dana Rohrabacher – Capitol Hill Update – YouTube

Topics included:
· National deficit
· The future of the U.S. Space Program
· Zero Gravity Zero Tax bill to encourage private space enterprises
· Teaming with Russia to defeat radical Islam
· Pres. El-Sisi of Egypt is the most important person in the fight against terrorism and Egyptian Caucus
· F-35 Lightning Joint Strike Fighter is a $400B failure
· South China Sea trade routes being threatened by China
· Millions of Illegal Aliens are coming to America and harming wages and taking our benefits.
· Presidential candidates Trump and Clinton
· Christians are being targeted in the Middle East with genocide. They should have priority when seeking refuge status in the U.S. Dana is sponsoring the
“Save Christians from Genocide” Act H.R. Bill 4017.
· North Korea, its nuclear weapons and the connection to China
· The Syrian refugee crisis
· The domestic Islamic threat
· The use of polygraph tests to vet Muslim refugees
· Domestic spying on citizens by the Intelligence Community
· Keeping Guantanamo open and the release of its prisoners. The benefits of waterboarding
· Suing the Saudis for their role they played in 9/11.

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