Jeff Ferguson – Dealing with Proposition 47

Published on Apr 15, 2016
Judge Jeff Ferguson updates us on the impact of Proposition 47 and AB-109. Ferguson spoke to this group in November 2013 on AB-109 aka the “Criminal Justice Realignment” and was right on target with his analysis of the impact. Now we will get the actual facts. After watching this video, you too may want to drop your law abiding careers and consider a life of crime. All thanks to Prop 47. Great job California!! Crime now pays!!
Some of the topics include:

• Why property crimes have risen significantly by 7-20% in OC cities.
• Crimes which were previously considered felonies are now misdemeanors so no matter how many times someone commits these crimes, they cannot be sent to prison.
• As long as you do not steal more than $950 in merchandise it will be considered a minor crime and you can do it countless times in a row you will not be punished.
• Prior felony convictions are have been reevaluated without regard to the person’s case history and turned into misdemeanors.
• 200,000 convicted felons have petitioned to have their sentences reduced to misdemeanors and most succeed.
• The reason crime is increasing is there is a lack of fear of the consequences of crimes and the treatment programs are more difficult than the actual prison sentence.

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