The Rise of America’s Liberalist Class


America’s economy is rapidly changing from a capitalist economy to a liberalist economy. Government financing of liberalists now consumes over 40% of the nation’s GDP and there are no economic or political factors influential enough to limit future growth.

Source: The Rise of America’s Liberalist Class

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One Response to The Rise of America’s Liberalist Class

  1. James Wood says:

    Eventually the system will collapse, regardless of tax rates. 60% of the wealthiest Americans’ money goes to taxes, and counter-productive socialist programs.

    Slowly but surely, Americans use International tax law to go tax exempt, combined with increasing permanent tax delinquencies in the last 3 years because of cuts to the IRS budget. This will cause privatization and a collapse in the misery index.

    Advice on tax exemptions where no one has to pay taxes, and “anti-charities” to stimulate legal delinquencies, can be found at, our only leverage against governments not likely to cut taxes for a long time.


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