Left Tries to Shut Down Shapiro

Free speech is not so alive and well on campus. An attempt by conservative pundit, columnist and author Ben Shapiro to give a speech at California State University at Los Angeles resulted in loud, near violent protests, a pulled fire alarm, and Shapiro being escorted from campus after giving his speech.

Source: Left Tries to Shut Down Shapiro | Truth Revolt

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2 Responses to Left Tries to Shut Down Shapiro

  1. James says:

    Typical of the supporters of the New Democratic Socialist party that believes that their way is the only way and if you disagree or have a different opinion your a racist homophobic sexist. Most of them want “free stuff ” but have no clue on how it will be paid for. Maybe if their liberal professors took pay cuts then college might cost less. Wait until they actually have responsibility for their lives and their actions then a light will come on and they will see the manure that has been piled on them by the “educators” who live in the insular campus world.


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