America’s Energy Outlook Is Bright – and Obama Hates It

In its annual outlook for energy report, ExxonMobil presents data that contradicts Obama’s green energy utopianism. Who has the better track record of predicting the global energy future: Obama or a private company that actually produces the stuff?

In its just published report, “The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040,” Exxon makes three key points. First, by 2040, global energy demand is predicted to rise by 25%. That demand must be met if living standards are to improve, and there are only three feasible ways of meeting it: fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and alternatives. The choice of energy sources will be driven by a combination of cost and government policy. Coal remains the cheapest source of energy for electrical generation, but its use is likely to drop after 2025 as a result of environmental policies. Reliance on oil and natural gas, on the other hand, will continue to expand, as will nuclear energy and alternatives.

Source: America’s Energy Outlook Is Bright – and Obama Hates It

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