A Thanksgiving message from Bill Dunlap

Thanksgiving 2015

It’s hard to internalize all that we are thankful for in light of the current state of our great nation. The list is long and daunting of all that we face. When were those times that we referred to as great? Why is it in the past tense? As Thanksgiving approaches we reflect on what has blessed us but can we avoid all that confronts us? Yes, we have a cultural divide but do we have a remnant of what we once revered, do we have to start over?

These questions are contemplated by many from politicians to preachers and all of us in between. A year ago the list of issues was shorter yet still overwhelming. Now the list includes culture norms we thought were scared, the end traditional marriage, genderless bathrooms, assisted suicide and retail baby parts. If these were not enough to bring concern and grief there is terrorism at home and abroad and racial strife not seen since the 60’s. The floral arrangement on this buffet table of entrees is the anemic economy and the ever growing welfare state. The current state of our affairs and the governance there of seems to be spinning without a true axis. Can it be corrected, by who and when?

Addressing these issues will be paramount in the election of 2016. But will it be made right by just the election of a new president even if they be Republican? If we have learned anything from our rich history it is the deep rooted soul of the people and their collective voice and passion to endure and restore. Politicians have the title but the people have the power. The rise of Donald Trump and Ben Carson exemplify this latent yet intense frustration by the citizenry for a return to our founding principles. This election will be like none other, but then these are unique times. As Dickens said, “Best of times, worst of times”.

We still live in the greatest country to have ever existed. We have defended and fed more people than all the other nations combined and have been blessed for doing so. However, it will be up to us and our children to forge this new path of restoration. I pray all will stay thankful but engaged to the system of government that rules this land. There is no other system that works for people. No other system that will last. It does not work by default or remote. It is a hands on operation, done manually. It will not run forever if not maintained and serviced. And from time to time it needs to be repaired and restored to its original show quality. We don’t need a new one, we just need to care for the one we have.

Stay Thankful, Stay Engaged and have Blessed Thanksgiving.

Bill Dunlap

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