Torossian: Netanyahu Speaks For The Entire Free World

By Ronn Torossian / July 16, 2015 / Truth Revolt

This deal is a terrible injustice.


In the wake of the surrender to Iran, this terrible capitulation sees Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu leading the civilized world in standing up against the largest state sponsor of terror.

The free world today is led by those who stand against Iran receiving nuclear weapons – and for so many Americans of all races and religions, all backgrounds, Netanyahu speaks for us.  As he said yesterday, this deal is a threat to the world, as “Iran has killed more Americans than anyone other than al Qaeda.”  It must be remembered that as Israel’s leader noted, “Iran is a zealot country who has killed a lot of Americans. It’s killing everybody in sight in the Middle East.”

As Netanyahu speaks for justice, he remembers the words and deeds of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the ideological leader of his Likud party, who passed away 74 years ago today according to the Hebrew calendar. Benzion Netanyahu, Benjamin’s father was the longtime personal assistant to Jabotinsky.

As Jabotinsky described in his book, The Story of The Jewish Legion, in the face of pressure one must ask:

Everybody is wrong and you alone are right? No doubt this question springs by itself to the reader’s lips and mind. It is customary to answer this with apologetic phrases to the effect that I fully respect public opinion, that I bow to it, that I was glad to make concessions….All this is unnecessary, and all this is untrue. You cannot believe in anything in the world, if you admit even once that perhaps your opponents are right, and not you. This is not the way to do things. There is but one truth in the world, and it is all yours. If you are not sure of it, stay at home; but if you are sure, don’t look back, and it will be your way.

Yes, those who stand up against this deal alone are right. And it must be understood as Jabotinsky proclaimed,

We were not created in order to teach morals and manners to our enemies. Let them learn these things for themselves before they establish relations with us. We want to hit back at anybody who harms us. Whoever does not repay a blow by a blow is also incapable of repaying a good deed in kind. Only something who can hate his enemies can be a faithful friend to those who love him.

While President Obama in a press conference described Israel’s concern about Iran’s Holocaust denial and sponsorship of Hezbollah, he still did a deal.  Israeli leaders are unified – right and left – as well as the Arab world that this deal is a danger to the West.  What does that say? As Jabotinsky said,

Human society is based on reciprocity. If you remove reciprocity, justice becomes a lie. A person walking somewhere on a street has the right to live only because and only to the extent that he acknowledges my right to live. But, if he wishes to kill me, to my mind he forfeits his right to exist – and this also applies to nations. Otherwise, the world would become a racing area for vicious predators, where not only the weakest would be devoured, but the best.

This deal is a terrible injustice. There is a moral obligation on all of us to speak up in the face of danger.

Ronn Torossian is a public relations executive, and author of the best-selling PR book For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations. He is a former spokesperson for the Likud Party.


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