Punch Leftists in the Mouth

By Daniel Greenfield / July 13, 2015 / FRONTPAGEMAG

Why Donald Trump is winning.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

After universal disappointment in the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, promoters are pushing for a rematch. Who would want to watch a rematch of one of the most disappointing fights of all time?

You might want to ask that of a Republican establishment determined to make 2016 a rematch of 2012 complete with a candidate who can’t throw a punch, doesn’t know where the fight is or even how to fight. If the establishment has its way, the primary process will select the least controversial and combative candidate, the one who offends and provokes the fewest people, to win a hugging contest.

Too bad the other side isn’t in a hugging mood.

The favorite quote of Clinton’s damage control man Chris Lehane came from Mike Tyson. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Lehane went on to play a role in turning California far to the left while letting the Green lobby go wild. His plan for fighting the Keystone pipeline was flooding a room with fumes while handing out gas masks to reporters.

Lehane is also a longtime Hillary adviser.

These days that is how the Democratic Party does business. The era when Republicans could trounce hapless weasels like Carter, Mondale or Dukakis, who seemed destined to lose, by just laughing them off is over. The old Democrats are dead. The new Democrats are radical leftists animated by deep reserves of anger and a boundless hunger for power. They play by no rules except those coined by Alinsky.

The old GOP “Father Knows Best” campaign style stopped working when the radical left took over.

Obama won two elections by inspirationally grinning while his media allies and PACs repeatedly punched McCain and Romney in the face. This was never a race between Obama and a Republican. It was a race between a leftist campaign operation encompassing most of the media, portions of the government and much of popular culture. When they flagged, the PACs stepped in with another astroturfed social media trend or attack ad accusing the Republican of giving someone cancer.

Whatever plans the Republicans had evaporated as they staggered from one punch after another. Their messaging became defensive in a rigged fight that the Republicans were bound to lose.

Instead of learning to fight, the Republican establishment came down with a case of Stockholm syndrome and began to run less offensive candidates each time. At this rate, the 2020 Republican candidate will be a Democrat running on a platform of mildly enthusiastic handshakes.

The Republican establishment is convinced that going soft is the best way to convince voters that it cares about them. But in a bare knuckle fight, nice guys finish last.

Being a nice guy is one way to show voters that you care about them, but it gives them no compelling reason to actually vote for you. Being a nice guy is an automatic defensive posture because when the Chris Lehanes come up with their barrels of toxic waste, all the nice guy can do is defend his reputation.

The real way to show voters that you care about them is by being a fighter.

Cheering the boxer who is the “nicer” guy is a losing proposition. Niceness does not win fights. Fists do.

Donald Trump shot out ahead of the pack by being a fighter. His political positions right now may be the opposite of his old positions, but few people care because they see him throwing and taking punches in the ring. They see him burning through a $3 billion brand just to get into the race.

In a campaign where the other candidates have carefully nuanced positions on most of the issues, Trump shows no signs of nuance. He may be widely inconsistent, denouncing illegal aliens one day and endorsing amnesty the next, but frustrated voters are sending a message that they want a fighter.

They are tired of running out the clock in elections and then going home poorer to a country that grows less recognizable each year left only with the satisfaction of having voted for the more decent man.

The decent men of the Kerensky government did not prevail against the Bolsheviks. The decent Germans who saw the disinterested Hindenburg as the only alternative to Hitler ended up with Hitler anyway. True decency is not to be found in pulling punches against evil, but in punching it in the face.

It’s not only Republicans who have been battered by the left. Working families and small businesses across the country have been beaten bloody by ObamaCare, race riots and economic despair. They want someone who will fight for them. They need someone who will fight for them. Anyone will do.

The country is not looking for a compromiser. It is not waiting for a man of the middle ground. It does not want someone who can roll with the punches and deliver a good concession speech.

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