‘Candidate Cribs’ Shocks Young Voters

By  Brian Lilly / July 3, 2015 / Truth Revolt

Mistake Clinton homes for Republican mansions

Campus Reform, known for fun videos that challenge the assumptions of young people, is at it again.

This time the group showcased a number of beautiful homes ranging in price from $1.7 million to $13 million, and asked participants to guess which presidential candidates lived in them. Time and again the “contestants” in the little game called Candidate’s Cribs choose Republicans such as Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush as living in the palaces.

Once it is revealed that the true owner of all four homes is Hillary Clinton, some shock and questioning ensue, because the progressive propaganda machine is so effective at painting the right as the party of the One Percent, and the left as the party of the people.

“It definitely plays a factor in whether I vote for her,” said one young woman.

Watch the entire video and enjoy.

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