Is California Cracking Up? | Victor Davis Hanson

With poor education, a budget deficit, and crumbling infrastructure, Californians shouldn’t be focused on idealistic social programs.   Corporat…

Source: Is California Cracking Up? | Victor Davis Hanson Private Papers

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Pensions and the CalPERS Time Bomb – YouTube

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Video: Dennis Prager on the Left’s Threat to Western Civilization 

Dennis Prager on the Left’s Threat to Western Civilization

Source: Video: Dennis Prager on the Left’s Threat to Western Civilization | Truth Revolt

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Why Does the Left Suddenly Hate Russia?

After 70 years of accommodating and appeasing Russia, Democrats suddenly foment a red scare.

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The 500 year-old lesson from Martin Luther

A society where commonly held beliefs could not be questioned.  A system of higher learning that attempted to indoctrinate according to unfounded dogma. A civilization that brutally attacks the reputation of individuals who dare attempt to think for themselves.  This was Europe in the 16th century.  In 1517, however, one friar transforms Germany and Western civilization.  Martin Luther’s 95 Theses posted 500 years ago (Oct. 31, 1517) outlined the injustices of the Catholic Church. It was revolutionary at the time, and its effects are still felt through most mainstream Christian churches today. It is often difficult for those living in 2017 to fully grasp the magnitude of the Protestant Reformation because of the current secular society, but it is that movement that led to a non-theocratic West. Three parallels exist between 1517 and 2017 that may have many in America identifying with Martin Luther’s struggle.

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