Bill Whittle’s Firewall: Bill Nye the Science Lie

Bill Whittle’s Firewall is back, and this time Bill turns his devastating logic on target Bill Nye the (purported) Science Guy….

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America’s Betrayal by the Democratic Party

Are you aware that we are facing a political and cultural tragedy right now?  The Democratic Party, one of two great parties of the USA, has been co-opted by the communist ideologues, the power-mad neo-Marxists, in our political establishment.  They can call it liberalism or social justice or togetherness, but it is my considered judgment that, without exaggeration, we are facing an intent to subvert the electoral will of the American people.

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Pensions and the CalPERS Time Bomb

If you are the average taxpayer living in the average California small city, chances are pretty good you know very little about local politics, can name a city council member or even care where city hall is located. Chances are even greater you have no interest in dull topics like Unfunded Liabilities, CalPERS or public employee compensation packages. Well in the next few years, whether you like it or not, you will know a lot about these topics as very few issues will have a greater direct impact on your wallet and safety than these.

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Pat Buchanan Won after all…

His first date with his future wife was spent in aNew Hampshire motel room drinking Wild Turkey into the wee hours with Hunter S. Thompson. He stood several feet away from Martin Luther King Jr. during the “I Have a Dream” speech. He went to China with Richard M. Nixon and walked away from Watergate unscathed.

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Homelessness Forum – YouTube

On April 6, 2017, about 100 people attended a held at the Newport Mesa Church located on the campus of Vanguard University to discuss the homelessness problems in Costa Mesa and surrounding areas. Costa Mesa councilmen Allan Mansoor and John Stephens and assistant city manager Rick Francis lead an “all-star” panel of experts from the city, faith based groups and non-profits to share the challenges and solutions and update us on the progress being made to combat this chronic problem.

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